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Grandview Cemetery, Jackson Township

Photographed 20 April 2006 by Yolanda Campbell Lifter

Grandview sign
Grandview view 1
Grandview view 2
Grandview view 3
Adkins, S.F. Carold
Anderson, Georgie
Anderson, Gerald Elwood
Anderson, Ina
Anderson, Infant son of William and Maud
Anderson, Jacob L.
Anderson, Johnie
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Maud Sullivan
Anderson, Russell
Anderson, Sarah C.
Anderson, Walter W.
Anderson, Walter W.
Anderson, Wanda
Anderson, Wm.
Anderson, William
Boggs, Ellen
Boggs, Millard
Claytor, Harry True
Claytor, Lavada Rose
Clouse, Almira
Clouse, Asa
Fetty, Blanche May
Fetty, Johnie Eugene
Fetty, Samuel Vinson
Frey, Daniel
Frey, Fannie
Gee, Francis A.
Gee, Lloyd Wayne
Gee, Nora A.
Glassburn, David
Glassburn, Margerete
Harris, Jeffrey E.
Harris, Roger L.
Hartley, Charity Byron
Hatfield, Gabriel
Hatfield, Isaac N.
Hatfield, Mary A.
Hatfield, Mary Clifton
Hickman, Anna
Hickman, Charles
Hickman, Nora B.
Hickman, William A.
Houser, P.H.
Houser, Mary E. Clouse
Houser, Philip H.
Ingram, Mildred E.
Irvin, Alicia V.
Irvin, Bertha C.
Irvin, Beulah A.
Irvin, Cleo R.
Irvin, Edward O.
Irvin, Hester Siders
Irvin, John O.
Irvin, John Oral
Irvin, Louisa E.
Irvin, Louisa J.
Irvin, Mildred
Irvin, Rhoda V.
Irvin, Russell F.
Irvin, Thelma A.
Irvin, Thomas L.
Irvin, William H.
Irvine, Nancy
Jones, Hiram C.
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mary E.
McLaughlin, Beatrice
McLaughlin, Ellan
McLaughlin, Florence
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Richard L.
Nowlan, Charles K.
Overly, Delbert O.
Overly, W. Muriel
Quincel, John E.
Quincel, Martha J.
Reisinger, Etta Mae
Reisinger, Thomas M.
Rider, Arthur "Alex"
Rider, Darlene
Rider, Earl
Rose, F. (Rev.)
Rose, Ferdinand
Rose, Lucy
Shreck, Roy I.
Shreck, Velvia E.
Stephens, Crecy J.
Stephens, William E.
Swinning, J. Thomas
Swinning, Robert Oscar
Swinning, Sarah J. Gilmore
Swinning, Viva L.
Whaley, Alta M.
Whaley, Elmer L.
Wickline, Charles C.
Wickline, Eveline
Wickline, Flora K.
Wickline, Isaac
Wickline, Isaac
Wickline, Lois
Wickline, Preston
Zimmerman, Claude I.
Zimmerman, Frank B.
Zimmerman, Grace V.
Zimmerman, Ida A.

Pike County, Ohio

Yolanda Campbell Lifter, Pike County Coordinator

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